svn commit: samba-docs r494 - in trunk: .

ab at ab at
Wed Apr 20 12:03:36 GMT 2005

Author: ab
Date: 2005-04-20 12:03:35 +0000 (Wed, 20 Apr 2005)
New Revision: 494


Fix a dangerous bug in Makefile which actually allows 'make release' to skip
building 'manpages' target because there is already 'manpages' directory and
some make versions are very sensible to what particular file system reports as
timestamp for the file or a directory.

In particular, this behaviour is reproduceable on some 2.4 kernels with Ext3.
Thanks to Dmitry Levin <ldv at> for spotting the bug and providing the


Modified: trunk/Makefile
--- trunk/Makefile	2005-04-19 13:56:41 UTC (rev 493)
+++ trunk/Makefile	2005-04-20 12:03:35 UTC (rev 494)
@@ -304,4 +304,4 @@
 # Always keep intermediate files if we can
-.PHONY: clean clobber archive release everything all
+.PHONY: clean clobber archive release everything all $(TARGETS)

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