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Author: jerry
Date: 2005-04-19 01:47:13 +0000 (Tue, 19 Apr 2005)
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announcing 3.0.15pre2

Modified: trunk/index.html
--- trunk/index.html	2005-04-17 23:11:36 UTC (rev 636)
+++ trunk/index.html	2005-04-19 01:47:13 UTC (rev 637)
@@ -10,15 +10,43 @@
        href="">Free Software</a> 
        suite that has, <a href="/samba/docs/10years.html">since 1992</a>, 
        provided file and print services to all manner of SMB/CIFS clients, 
-       including more recently the Microsoft Windows suite.  Samba is freely 
-       available under the <a href="/samba/docs/GPL.html">GNU General Public 
-       License</a>.</p>
+       including the numerous versions of Microsoft Windows operating 
+       systems.  Samba is freely available under the 
+       <a href="/samba/docs/GPL.html">GNU General Public License</a>.</p>
     <h2>Latest News</h2>
     <!--#include virtual="/samba/news/headlines.html" -->
     <h2>Current Release</h2>
+    <h4><a name="latest">18 April 2005</a></h4>
+    <p class="headline">Samba 3.0.15pre2 Available for Download</p>
+    <p>Samba 3.0.15pre2 is a preview release of the Samba 3.0.15 code base and
+       is provided for testing only.  This release is <em>not</em> intended
+       for production servers.  However, there have been several bug
+       fixes and new features added since 3.0.14a that we feel are
+       important to make available to the Samba community for wider
+       testing.  There are still more changes planned before the
+       final 3.0.15 release.  Please read about the important <a
+       href="/samba/ftp/pre/WHATSNEW-3-0-15pre2.txt">changes in this
+       snapshot</a>.</p>
+    <p>The <a href="/samba/ftp/pre/samba-3.0.15pre2.tar.gz">Samba 3.0.15pre2
+       source code</a> can be downloaded now.  The <a
+       href="/samba/ftp/pre/samba-3.0.15pre2.tar.asc">GnuPG
+       signature for the <em>un</em>compressed tarball</a> is also available.
+       Precompiled packages for RedHat and Fedora platforms are available in the
+       <a href="/samba/ftp/Binary_Packages/">Binary_Packages
+       download area</a>.</p>
+    <p>Samba 3.0.14a is also available via BitTorrent
+       (<a href="">samba-3.0.15pre2.tar.gz.torrent</a>).
+       Note that when downloading via BitTorrent, you are encouraged
+       to verify the resulting uncompressed tarball's
+       <a href="/samba/ftp/pre/samba-3.0.15pre2.tar.asc">GPG signature</a>.</p>
     <h4><a name="latest">15 April 2005</a></h4>
     <p class="headline">Samba 3.0.14a Available for Download</p>

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