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Posting news item on Tridge's NewsForge interview.



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+    <h3><a name="tridge_on_samba4">Tridge Speaks On Samba4</a></h3> 
+    <div class="article">
+    <p><a href="">NewsForge</a> has posted an
+    interview with our very own Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell.  In the interview,
+    Tridge discusses his becoming an OSDL fellow and his work on Samba4
+    development.  There is a lot of good information here for those interested
+    in Tridge and his work on Samba4.</p>
+    <p>To really get an idea of the energy Tridge brings to his work, see
+    the following quote:</p>
+    <blockquote>
+    Some weeks I only emerge from my study for a bit of sleep and some 
+    breakfast (luckily my wife is very tolerant!), and other times I spend 
+    a more moderate 12 hours or so a day on Samba work. Samba is both my 
+    hobby and (more recently) my career, so I love spending as much time
+    as I can on it. I'm a programming junkie. 
+    </blockquote>
+    <p>For the full interview, see 
+    <a href="">'Tridge' on joining OSDL, Samba4, patents, and bad predictions</a>.</p>
+    </div>

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