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Some clarifications on WMI


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 	URL = {}
+ at article{COMWMI,
+	URL = { }

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 Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). 
 One of the parts of WBEM is the Common Information Model (CIM) \cite{CIM}, 
-which is a standard that allows multiple parties to exchange system 
-management information.
+which is a data model for various types of management information.
-WMI is built on top of DCOM; it looks like implementing WMI will be 
-possible by implementing a thin layer of DCOM classes with 
-OpenPegasus OpenPegasus\cite{OpenPegasus}, an open source implementation 
-of WBEM, on top.
+WMI is built on top of (D)COM\cite{COMWMI}; it looks like implementing WMI 
+will be possible by implementing a thin layer of (D)COM classes. For the 
+client-side, this should be sufficient. For the server side, 
+using the OpenPegasus \cite{OpenPegasus} backend might be an option, 
+though this would probably require a lot of integration work.

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