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"Samba in Sin City" -- I think the title says it all! :-)   



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+    <h3><a name="samba_sin_city">Samba in Sin City</a></h3> 
+    <div class="article">
+    <p>Director Robert Rodriguez's <em>Sin City</em> will be the first
+    film in theater's to be filmed in "a digital format supporting 
+    full-bandwidth RGB," according to
+    <a href="">this article</a>
+    from <a href="">LinuxDevices</a>.  And Samba was 
+    right in the middle of it all, as part of SpectSoft's Linux-powered DDR
+    (disk drive recorder)</p> 
+    <blockquote>According to SpectSoft, many high-end movie studios today 
+    use Linux for "everything," from rendering tools to proprietary 
+    compositing tools, because of its stability, customizability, and low 
+    system overhead. "Linux has won not only renderfarm servers, but the 
+    artist desktops of the top studios. It's hard to find a large studio 
+    that does not rely upon Linux as its primary animation and special 
+    effects OS," according to a SpectSoft brochure.</blockquote>
+    <p>Samba gets a mention in the article for its role in sharing the
+    file system on the DDR where shots were stored.  For more, see 
+    the full article <a href="">
+    Legendary indy director uses Linux to edge out ILM</a>.</p>
+    </div>

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