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-<chapter id="groupmapping">
+<chapter id="idmapper">
 <title>Identity Mapping &smbmdash; IDMAP</title>
+THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS - it is a preparation for the release of Samba-3.0.8.
 The Microsoft Windows operating system has a number of features that impose specific challenges
 for interoperability with operaing system on which Samba is implemented. This chapter deals
@@ -56,14 +60,27 @@
 	<title>Stand-Alone Samba Server</title>
+	A stand-alone Samba server is an implementation that is not a member of a Windows NT4 Domain,
+	a Windows 200X Active Directory Domain, or of a Samba Domain.
+	<para>
+	By definition, this means that users and groups will be created and controlled locally and
+	the identity of a network user must match a local UNIX/Linux user login. The IDMAP facility
+	is therefore of little to no interest, winbind will not be necessary, and the IDMAP facility
+	will not be relevant or of interest.
+	</para>
 	<title>Domain Member Server or Domain Member Client</title>
+	Samba-3 can act as a Windows NT4 PDC or BDC thereby providing domain control protocols that
+	are based on Windows NT4. Thus, where Samba-3 is a Domain Member server or client the matter
+	if SID to UID/GID resolution is equivalent with the same configuration with a Windows NT4 or
+	earlier domain environment.

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