svn commit: samba r1117 - in branches/SAMBA_3_0/source: libsmb smbd

jra at jra at
Fri Jun 11 23:54:52 GMT 2004

Author: jra
Date: 2004-06-11 23:54:52 +0000 (Fri, 11 Jun 2004)
New Revision: 1117

Doh ! Remember to turn off signing when sending a "break to level II" oplock
message, or we mess up the signing sequence number.... Also improve sign error
reporting. Also when deferring an open that had been deferred due to an oplock
break, don't re-add the mid to the pending sign queue or we increment the sequence
number twice and mess up signing again...
I can now bounce between 2 WinXP/Win2003 boxes opening Excel spreadsheets with
signing turned on and get correct "file in use" messages.


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