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Fri Oct 31 03:38:39 EST 2003

Date:	Thu Oct 30 16:38:39 2003
Author:	jmcd

Update of /home/cvs/samba/source/include
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Modified Files:
	ntdomain.h rpc_dce.h rpc_ds.h rpc_epmapper.h 
Log Message:
First round of merging various UUID structures.

This eliminates RPC_UUID.  It creates the following struct:

struct uuid
  uint32 time_low;
  uint16 time_mid;
  uint16 time_hi_and_version;
  uint8  clock_seq[2];
  uint8  node[6];
which replaces RPC_UUID and various random struct uuid definitions

and a flat version:
#define UUID_FLAT_SIZE 16
typedef struct uuid_flat
	uint8 info[UUID_FLAT_SIZE];

which pretty much looks like GUID (which I will start eliminating).

I want us to use the FLAT one only on the wire (perhaps in files, too?), and
I want it to be obvious to the coder that it is the FLAT version.

This leaves a couple of compiler warnings, where GUID isn't completely 
replaced by FLAT_UUID yet...I'll get to those soon.

ntdomain.h		1.88 => 1.89
rpc_dce.h		1.33 => 1.34
rpc_ds.h		1.4 => 1.5
rpc_epmapper.h		1.3 => 1.4

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