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Fri Oct 3 11:42:53 EST 2003

Date:	Fri Oct  3 01:42:53 2003
Author:	tpot

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/web
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Modified Files:
      Tag: SAMBA_3_0
	swat.c statuspage.c 
Log Message:
Moving towards better i18n support in SWAT.  This commit contains a
bunch of updates to bug 413 from Monyo:

1) pick up proper strings to call msg strings for example to add
  strings in wizard menu in web/swat.c, web/statuspage.c and

2) define N_() macro in include/intl.h to pick up some strings
  in param/loadparm.c

3) quote all name and value tag with '"'
  For example in swat.c:720 the "Edit Parameter Values" string is
  displayd only as "Edit" because value tag is not quoted like:
  value=Edit Parameter Values
  These tags should be quoted though it sometimes works well
  without quotation.

4) modify the msg strings not to contain HTML tags or other
  non-message strings. For example
  dprintf(_("test\n")); is modified to dprintf("%s\n", _("test"));

swat.c =>
statuspage.c =>

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