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Thu Jun 26 03:41:04 EST 2003

Date:	Wed Jun 25 17:41:04 2003
Author:	jerry

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/param
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      Tag: SAMBA_3_0
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large change:

*)  consolidates the dc location routines again (dns
    and netbios)  get_dc_list() or get_sorted_dc_list()
    is the authoritative means of locating DC's again.
    (also inludes a flag to get_dc_list() to define
     if this should be a DNS only lookup or not)

    (however, if you set "name resolve order = hosts wins"
     you could still get DNS queries for domain name IFF
     ldap_domain2hostlist() fails.  The answer?  Fix your DNS 

*)  enabled DOMAIN<0x1c> lookups to be funneled through
    resolve_hosts resulting in a call to ldap_domain2hostlist()
    if lp_security() == SEC_ADS

*)  enables name cache for winbind ADS backend

*)  enable the negative connection cache for winbind
    ADS backend

*)  removes some old dead code

*)  consolidates some duplicate code

*)  moves the internal_name_resolve() to use an IP/port pair
    to deal with SRV RR dns replies.  The namecache code
    also supports the IP:port syntax now as well.

*)  removes 'ads server' and moves the functionality back
    into 'password server' (which can support "hostname:port"
    syntax now but works fine with defaults depending on
    the value of lp_security())

loadparm.c		1.397.2.68 => 1.397.2.69

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