CVS update: samba/source

jerry at jerry at
Sat Aug 23 04:00:17 EST 2003

Date:	Fri Aug 22 18:00:17 2003
Author:	jerry

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source
In directory

Modified Files:
      Tag: SAMBA_3_0 
Added Files:
      Tag: SAMBA_3_0 
Removed Files:
      Tag: SAMBA_3_0
Log Message:
* Fix for bug 290:  
	smbadduser must obeys the paths from configure options

* Try to get libsmbclient files installed during 'make install'
  Still one outstanding problem with static lib.  INSTALLCLIENTCMD_A
  is not getting set correctly.

Revisions:		NONE =>		1.468.2.166 => 1.468.2.167		1.300.2.145 => 1.300.2.146
smbadduser => NONE

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