CVS update: samba/source/rpc_client

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Wed Aug 20 06:39:32 EST 2003

Date:	Tue Aug 19 20:39:32 2003
Author:	abartlet

Update of /home/cvs/samba/source/rpc_client
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Modified Files:
      Tag: SAMBA_3_0
	cli_netlogon.c cli_pipe.c 
Log Message:
- Fix the kerberos downgrade problem:
 - When connecting to the NETOGON pipe, we make a call to auth2, in order
   to verify our identity.  This call was being made with negotiation flags
   of 0x1ff.  This caused our account to be downgraded.  If we instead make
   the call with flags > 1ff (such as 0x701ff), then this does not occour.

 - This is *not* related to the use of kerberos for the CIFS-level connection

My theory is that Win2k has a test to see if we are sending *exactly* what
NT4 sent - setting any other flags seems to cause us to remain intact.

Also ensure that we only have 'setup schannel' code in a few places, not
scattered around cmd_netlogon too.

Andrew Bartlett

cli_netlogon.c =>
cli_pipe.c =>

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