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Fri Aug 15 07:14:27 EST 2003

Date:	Thu Aug 14 21:14:27 2003
Author:	jerry

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      Tag: SAMBA_3_0 
Log Message:
Attempt at fixing bug #283.  There however is no solution.
There is a workaround documented in the bug report.

This patch does:

  * add server support for the LSA_DS UUID on the lsarpc pipe
  * store a list of context_ids/api_structs in the pipe_struct
    so that we don't have to lookup the function table for a pipe.
    We just match the context_id.  Note that a dce/rpc alter_context
    does not destroy the previous context so it is possible to
    have multiple bindings active on the same pipe. Observed from
    standalone win2k sp4 client.
  * added server code for DsROleGetPrimaryDOmainInfo() but disabled it
    since it causes problems enumerating users and groups from a 2ksp4
    domain member in a Samba domain.

Revisions:		1.468.2.158 => 1.468.2.159		1.300.2.137 => 1.300.2.138

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