CVS update: samba/source/python

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Mon Aug 4 10:50:00 EST 2003

Date:	Mon Aug  4 00:50:00 2003
Author:	tpot

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/python
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      Tag: SAMBA_3_0
Log Message:
More patches from Brett:

  - remove 'if(mem_ctx)' tests prior to 'talloc_destroy' call to make
consistent with other modules; 'talloc_destroy' already test for NULL

  - initialize PyObject* result pointers to NULL in function
declarations; enables removal of redundant NULL assignments.

  - use local scope TALLOC_CTX in lsa_lookup_names to prevent unbounded
memory growth during python policy object lifetime.

  - change context name string used in lsa_lookup_sids from
'lsa_open_policy' to 'lsa_lookup_sids' (cut'npaste oversight from
previous patch)

  - change docstring to match module name (apparently another cut'npaste

py_lsa.c =>

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