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Fri Aug 1 05:01:22 EST 2003

Date:	Thu Jul 31 19:01:22 2003
Author:	jerry

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/smbd
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      Tag: SAMBA_3_0
Log Message:
only honor the first OID in the sessetup snego negotiate.  Deviates 
from RFC but I'm smelling a client bug here. 

	/* only look at the first OID for determining the mechToken --
	   accoirding to RFC2478, we should choose the one we want 
	   and renegotiate, but i smell a client bug here..  
	   Problem observed when connecting to a member (samba box) 
	   of an AD domain as a user in a Samba domain.  Samba member 
	   server sent back krb5/mskrb5/ntlmssp as mechtypes, but the 
	   client (2ksp3) replied with ntlmssp/mskrb5/krb5 and an 
	   NTLMSSP mechtoken.                 --jerry              */

sesssetup.c =>

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