CVS update: samba/docs/manpages

David O'Neill dmo at
Wed Oct 11 01:47:09 EST 2000

Date:	Wednesday October 11, 2000 @ 0:47
Author:	dmo

Update of /data/cvs/samba/docs/manpages
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv13937/docs/manpages

Modified Files:
	findsmb.1 lmhosts.5 make_smbcodepage.1 make_unicodemap.1 
	nmbd.8 nmblookup.1 rpcclient.8 samba.7 smb.conf.5 smbclient.1 
	smbd.8 smbmnt.8 smbmount.8 smbpasswd.5 smbpasswd.8 smbrun.1 
	smbsh.1 smbspool.8 smbstatus.1 smbtar.1 smbumount.8 swat.8 
	testparm.1 testprns.1 wbinfo.1 winbindd.8 
Log Message:
Changes from SAMBA_2_2:
	- updates to docs for 2.2.0-alpha0 release
	- added WinME registry tweak
	- updated WHATSNEW.txt

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