CVS update: samba/source/lib

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Sep 24 22:37:32 EST 1999

Date:	Friday September 24, 1999 @ 22:37
Author:	tridge

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/lib
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv10932

Modified Files:
      Tag: SAMBA_2_0
	interfaces.c util_sec.c 
Log Message:
new uid handling code. After looking at the problem with AIX 4.1 I
decided that the way we handled uid/euid is not good. I've now
rewritten it to test properly for the 4 supported uid handling
varients and I've added assert calls to ensure that the uid/euid are
always set to hat we expect. This might possibly break some platforms
(although I hope not) but I think that is better than the previous
situation where we could silently do the wrong thing.

the disadvantage is that the full tsts are only possible when you run
configure as root. Otherise configure needs to make an educated guess.

the core of the new code is in lib/util_sec.c. Look there if you want
to know what is going on with this change.

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