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Thu Nov 4 06:58:47 EST 1999

Date:	Thursday November 4, 1999 @ 6:58
Author:	lkcl

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three types of array-creation / array-deletion functions:


decided to create a higher-order function set, add_item_to_array()

higher-order support routines needed to add a new type:

type* item_dup(const type*)
void item_free(type*)

of course, strdup() and free() are perfect, pre-existing examples
of such functions, used in the implementation of add_chars_to_array()
and free_char_array().

sid_dup() and free() work for the add_sids_to_array() and free_sid_array()

use unistr2_dup() and created unistr2_free() because the functionality
behind these may change into something horrible, like [horror] dynamic
memory allocation of the UNISTR2 character array.  argh!!!!

jean-francois, this function set implements what we talked about over...
a year ago, now :-)

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