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This is a smaller image of the front of the T-shirt.  I'm going to add
a brief entry under "Samba News" on the main (samba.html) page.  I will
use this small image to catch a little attention.

Thanks to all those who took a look at my pages.  Used Brain (the folks
I've got to do the processing) are working on their web pages.  The first
batch of shirts are on order.  I think we're on track for the end of the
month, if not sooner.

I've got the shirts themselves priced at $15.00.  That's going to be about
$2.50 per shirt for the team, or $125 (US) for the first batch of 50 shirts.
If I print them in larger batches the printing costs will go down and we
will get more per shirt (or we could drop the price).  The Shipping and
Handling costs *within the US* are almost $5.00, though, so I hope that
people are going to be generous.

Also, I've asked Theresa (Used Brain) to do a little more research into
international shipping.  The overseas shipping is too high for most folks.

Still working out the details!

Chris -)-----

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