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Sat Feb 27 04:37:01 EST 1999

Date:	Saturday February 27, 1999 @ 4:37
Author:	jerry

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	page6.html samba_ntdom_faq.html samba_ntdom_faq.txt 
Log Message:

	* version information to correspond to the release of 2.0
	* 2.2.  How do I get my NT Workstation / Server to join the Samba
          controlled Domain?
	* 4.3.2.  I can't get system policies to work.
	* 6.1  How do I get my samba server to become a member ( not PDC )
          of an NT domain?
		-> includes reference to migration scripts to help in the creation
		   of users and groups (id's only) on the samba domain member.

	* 2.6.  I keep getting the message "trust account xxx should be in
          DOMAIN_GROUP_RID_USERS."  What do I need to do?
	* 4.2.3.  The roaming profiles do not seem to be updating on the


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