CVS update: samba/source/include

Matt Chapman m.chapman at
Thu Feb 25 05:29:21 EST 1999

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> > * Return ERRDOS/ERRmoredata on extra data instead of
> > STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW for Win95's benefit. On a named pipe this results
> > in an SMBreadX as usual.
> don't do this.  if you do, only do so if 32 bit status codes are
> *not* negotiated.

Okay, changing to:

    if (global_client_caps & CAP_STATUS32)
            /* issue a buffer size warning.  on a DCE/RPC pipe, expect an
SMBreadX... */
            SIVAL(outbuf, smb_flg2, FLAGS2_32_BIT_ERROR_CODES);
            SIVAL(outbuf, smb_rcls, 0x80000005); /* STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW */
    } else {
            SCVAL(outbuf, smb_rcls, ERRDOS);
            SSVAL(outbuf, smb_err, ERRmoredata);


Matt Chapman
m.chapman at

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