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Wed Feb 24 12:51:33 EST 1999

Date:	Wednesday February 24, 1999 @ 12:51
Author:	matty

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/rpc_client
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Win9x user level security.

* Added SAMR_LOOKUP_DOMAIN (-> SamrLookupDomainInSamServer)

* Added real SAMR_ENUM_DOM_GROUPS (corresponding to
SamrEnumerateGroupsInDomain). The existing one is just an alias for
SamrQueryDisplayInformation (see below).

* Added three extra info levels to SAMR_QUERY_DISPINFO. Info level 3 is
what was previously SAMR_ENUM_DOM_GROUPS; info levels 4 and 5 are
simple user/group list requests used by Win9x and I suspect (haven't
checked) the "low speed connection" User Manager.

* Added another two aliases for SAMR_QUERY_DISPINFO, opcodes 0x30 and
0x33. Usually the first is with info level 3 and the second 4 but there is
some overlap so indeed these should be implemented as just aliases.

* Return ERRDOS/ERRmoredata on extra data instead of 
STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW for Win95's benefit. On a named pipe this results
in an SMBreadX as usual.

Still need to fix SAMR_QUERY_DOMAIN_INFO which has a hard-coded number of
users and groups - which Win95 proceeds to truncate at.

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