CVS update: samba/source

Wed May 20 03:48:39 EST 1998

Date:	Wednesday May 20, 1998 @ 3:48
Author:	lkcl

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv25411

Modified Files:
	ldap.c nisppass.c passdb.c proto.h smb.h smbpass.c 
Log Message:

ldap.c :

	- added support for some of the new passdb_ops functions.

	- removed functions that are supported "indirectly" through passdb.c

nisppass.c :

	- modified make_nisname_from_xxx() functions to take a "file" arg.

	- turned getnisp21pwuid() into getnisp21pwrid().  getnisp21pwuid()
	  functionality is available through "indirect" support in passdb.c

	- removed functions that are supported "indirectly" through passdb.c

	- added support for some of the new passdb_ops functions.

passdb.c :

	- created getsam21pwrid() function to go alongside getsam21pwuid.
	  it is not expected that getsam21pwuid ever be used, certainly
	  not from the lib/rpc code.

	- created getsamdisprid() and getsamdispent().  these are primarily
	  for support of SamrQueryDisplayInfo, however given that they
	  [struct sam_disp_info] return username, rid and fullname, there may
	  be further instances where these functions will be useful.

	- added support where either the get/add/mod-smb or get/add/mod-sam21
	  functions are optional.  this can be done very easily by checking
	  whether the struct passdb_ops table functions are NULL or not.

	  documented this capability in the notes at the top of the module.

	- where unix uid was referenced, use uid_t.

	- where unix gid was referenced, use gid_t.

smb.h :

	- added sam_disp_info functions to passdb_ops.

	- added getsam21pwrid() function.

smbpass.c :

	- added reference to iterate_getsam21pwrid().

lib/rpc/server/srv_samr.c :

	- removed group rid code added to get_user_info_21() code: this
	  had been added in the wrong place.  the client / server should
	  already know whether it wants to do a lookup by user rid or
	  by group rid.

	  the test of whether the rid is a user or group rid has been left
	  in because this may become useful consistency-check code.  

	- converted back to getsam21pwrid() not

	  this is because the unix uid to user rid mapping can be non-monotonic
	  in some password database systems, and monotonic in others.  imposing
	  the restriction by converting immediately from rid to uid at this
	  point is inadviseable, and will place this potential restriction on
	  _all_ password database systems, not just some which, for whatever
	  reason, do not support user rids.

	  it should be up to the individual password database writer to
	  convert from user rid to unix uid, should that module not support
lib/rpc/server/srv_util.c :

	- got lookup_user_name() to call getsamdisprid() not getsmbpwuid().
	  a bug was introduced (or at least the bug already there was not
	  fixed) whereby the nt user rid was converted to a unix uid, and
	  then not used.

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