CVS update: samba/source/lib/rpc/server

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Fri May 8 04:19:07 EST 1998

Date:	Friday May 8, 1998 @ 4:19
Author:	lkcl

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/lib/rpc/server
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv7039/lib/rpc/server

Modified Files:
	srv_netlog.c srv_samr.c srv_util.c 
Log Message:

created "passdb.c" which is an interface point to (at present) either
smbpasswd or ldap passwd, at compile-time (-DUSE_LDAP).

_none_ of the functions in ldap.c or smbpass.c should be called directly:
only those in passdb.c should be used.

-DUSE_LDAP is unlikely to compile at the moment.

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