CVS update: samba/source/ubiqx

Tue Jun 2 13:27:17 EST 1998

Date:	Tuesday June 2, 1998 @ 13:27
Author:	crh

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/ubiqx
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv21118/ubiqx

Modified Files:
	ubi_BinTree.c ubi_BinTree.h ubi_Cache.c ubi_Cache.h 
	ubi_SplayTree.c ubi_SplayTree.h ubi_dLinkList.c 
	ubi_dLinkList.h ubi_sLinkList.c ubi_sLinkList.h 
Added Files:
Removed Files:
Log Message:
Changed the mechanism for including the Samba includes.h in the ubiqx code
to something less hurried, simpler, and (I believe) more acceptable to
all.  The ubi_*.c files all now #include sys_include.h which, for Samba,
contains only comments and the line

#include "../includes.h"

That will make sure that the Samba header is there, allows me to
distribute a different default header with the main ubiqx set, and allows
others to write their own sys_includes.h for their own purposes.

Thanks to Andrew and Jeremy for hammering this out with me.

Chris -)-----

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