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Thu Feb 5 06:33:14 EST 1998

Date:	Thursday February 5, 1998 @ 6:33
Author:	samba-bugs

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/lib/rpc/server
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv25554/lib/rpc/server

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added "network logon" type to the NETLOGON pipe.  this is just pass-thru
authentication but for NT->NT interaction, not W95->NT.  it takes the
8 byte challenge from the SMBnegprot response and the two 24 byte
responses from the SMBsessionsetupX request, and forwards them to a
PDC.  the PDC calculates whether the user's LM or NT password gives
the same challenge, and responds appropriately.  the workstation
responds back to the other workstation to allow access.

the server side of this is supported (samba pdc will accept "Network"
SAM Logons).  the client side will follow shortly.


Makefile :

	got bored waiting for make proto to generate all prototypes.
	split down into several independent proto_xxxxs.

password.c :

	split smb_password_ok() down so that the smb user, the challenge
	and the 24 byte responses could be passed to one function
	(smb_passwords_check()).  smb_password_ok() uses the internally
	generated one; smb_passwords_check() can be used with the
	challenge forwarded by a workstation.

other files:

	created a NET_ID_INFO_CTR which contains NET_ID_INFO_1 (for
	interactive logins) and NET_ID_INFO_2 (for network - pass-thru -
	logins).  parsing for these structures added.  shuffling had
	a knock-on effect in the client code.

	server support for NET_ID_INFO_2 added.  when one of these
	calls comes in, smb_passwords_check() is used to validate
	the user.

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