CVS update: pam_smb

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Tue Apr 21 15:26:58 EST 1998

Date:	Tuesday April 21, 1998 @ 15:26
Author:	root

Update of /data/cvs/pam_smb
In directory samba:/data/people/lkcl/pam_smb

Log Message:
initial import 


Vendor Tag:	pam_smb
Release Tags:	INITIAL
N pam_smb/TODO
N pam_smb/COPYING
N pam_smb/pam_read_conf.c
N pam_smb/CHANGES
N pam_smb/pam_smb.conf.example
N pam_smb/pam_smb_auth.c
N pam_smb/README
N pam_smb/Makefile
N pam_smb/support.c
N pam_smb/valid.h
N pam_smb/smbval/std-defines.h
N pam_smb/smbval/smblib-util.c
N pam_smb/smbval/std-includes.h
N pam_smb/smbval/rfcnb.h
N pam_smb/smbval/smblib-priv.h
N pam_smb/smbval/rfcnb-error.h
N pam_smb/smbval/smbdes.c
N pam_smb/smbval/Makefile
N pam_smb/smbval/rfcnb-common.h
N pam_smb/smbval/smblib-common.h
N pam_smb/smbval/rfcnb-util.h
N pam_smb/smbval/rfcnb-util.c
N pam_smb/smbval/byteorder.h
N pam_smb/smbval/rfcnb-io.h
N pam_smb/smbval/rfcnb-io.c
N pam_smb/smbval/rfcnb-priv.h
N pam_smb/smbval/valid.h
N pam_smb/smbval/valid.c
N pam_smb/smbval/smblib.c
N pam_smb/smbval/smblib.h
N pam_smb/smbval/md4.c
N pam_smb/smbval/session.c
N pam_smb/smbval/smbencrypt.c

No conflicts created by this import

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