CVS update: samba/source

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Tue Nov 25 06:23:02 EST 1997

Date:	Tuesday November 25, 1997 @ 6:23
Author:	lkcl

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv18935

Modified Files:
	Makefile chgpasswd.c client.c clientgen.c clientutil.c 
	clitar.c ipc.c loadparm.c nmbsync.c ntclient.c password.c 
	proto.h pwd_validate.c reply.c server.c smb.h smbpass.c 
	torture.c username.c util.c 
Log Message:


updated smbclient to no longer need / use clientutil.c.  this involved moving
lots of code from client.c and clitar.c into clientgen.c.  the higher order
function calls (do_dir, do_action) i moved into clientgen.c, as well, because
you can use them to do recursive actions on directories, and unfortunately
the directory parsing code is quite embedded into these functions.

i gave cli_put and cli_get some higher order functions, too.  this is so that
they can be used by clitar.c's do_atar() function.  the code in clitar.c:do_atar()
appeared to be a cut-and-paste job from client.c:do_get().  do_get() was being
kept up to date: do_atar() was not...

on the smbd side, i've split reply_session_setup() down into sub-functions.
it wasn't obvious how and why guest access was being allowed / created, and
how the username could sometimes be modified, and ultimately by which function(s).
Get_Pwnam() i _think_ is the final link, so i added an extra parameter
(BOOL *changed_to_guest) which you can use to detect whether the username has
been modified (by map_username()) to the guest account or not...

the NIS auto-map support isn't quite operational.  there's been a couple of
requests for this.  i don't fully understand it, but i'm getting there.
created a get_home_dir_and_server() function which uses get_home_dir() and
local_machine if NIS auto-map support isn't used.

i messed up the BITS_SET macro: it's now called IS_BITS_SET, and works properly.

ntclient code.  trying to get the server password set working.

Modified Files


	removed clientgen.o

chgpasswd.c loadparm.c password.c server.c util.c rpc_pipes/pipeutil.c :

	Get_Pwnam takes an extra argument, which knocks on through to several
	other functions.

	use get_home_dir_and_server().

client.c clientgen.c clitar.c : 

	no more global variables.  created tar_info and client_info structures.
	use in client.c and clitar.c of higher order functions in cli_put, cli_get
	and do_dir, all of which are now in clientgen.c

	created cli_NetShareEnum, which again uses higher order functions just
	like cli_NetServerEnum.

nmbsync.c :

	bzero the (static) cli_state structure, just in case there are broken
	c compilers (e.g the sunos 4.1.3 non-ansi-c compliant one) which don't
	initialise static structures with zeros

reply.c :

	split reply_session_setup() into separate functions, so that it's easy
	to read and understand exactly what's going on.

smbpass.c :

	bug in writing out acct_ctrl in smb_modpwd function.

rpc_pipes/smbparse.c :

	using undoc_buffer2 not undoc_buffer in smb_io_clnt_srv.  oops.

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