CVS update: samba/packaging/redhat

John Terpstra jht at
Sat Nov 22 00:08:43 EST 1997

Date:	Saturday November 22, 1997 @ 0:08
Author:	jht

Update of /data/cvs/samba/packaging/redhat
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv8467/packaging/redhat

Modified Files:
      Tag: BRANCH_1_9_17
	samba.spec smb.conf 
Log Message:
Added "remote browse sync" option to smb.conf prior to release to the
Red Hat Linux contrib area. This option has been proven nessary in at
least one site that has multiple workgroups across a segmented network
that wanted all workgroups and clients to appear in the browser.

This update means Red Hat Linux users can install servers that allow M$
Windows 95 clients to log onto remote segmented networks also (providing
the remote segment has it's own workgroup AND only one centrally located
WINS server is being used for all clients!

Files affected by the change are:
	loadparm.c nameannounce.c nameservreply.c nmbd.c proto.h smb.conf.5

Red Hat RPM build files affected are:
	smb.conf samba.spec

Note: The new "remote browse sync" option has NOT been added to the default
smb.conf file in the examples directory.

Note2: The resulting modified sources are being released as version 1.9.17p4jht.

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