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Thu Nov 13 07:47:25 EST 1997

Date:	Thursday November 13, 1997 @ 7:47
Author:	lkcl

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source
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Modified Files:
	ipc.c ntclient.c ntdomain.h password.c proto.h smb.h 
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Status Report

1) dce/rpc

i eventually realised that DCE/RPC pipe "bind requests" have meaning :-)
therefore, when you specify the "abstract interface syntax", you are
specifying the service and the *version* of that service that you wish
to talk to.

this check-in adds some empirically observed rpc binds that i've seen,
along with their version numbers (\PIPE\srvsvc is at version 3!).

2) nltest.exe

this msdn resource kit program is providing useful test information,
some of which is undocumented.  the only way to get it is to run nltest
against an NT server, and sniff the wire.  that having been said, this
program is for informational purposes only, and is probably a massive
red herring.

still, it's instructive, if nothing else :-)

3) workstation trust accounts

i still don't understand these.  what's going on.  i think, as john said,
a connection is established _and then kept open_.  if you do this, then
you have a "trust relationship" with that machine.

Modified Files

ipc.c :

	misunderstanding of pipe "bind" stuff.  lsass handles the TNP replies.

ntclient.c :

	wksta_trust_acct() - needed to get the initial passwords sorted out

	made rpc_pipe_bind() responsible for allocating the abstract syntax
	and version number etc, depending on the PIPE service you want to
	talk to.

ntdomain.h :

	structures for Logon Ctrl2 Query Levels 1, 2 and 3.  LSA Query Trusted
	Domains stuff.  all this is generated by NLTEST.EXE, which is probably
	a red herring in disguise.  interesting to note that "LSA Query Trusted
	Domains" comes up as a "bad opnum" in Net Monitor!

rpc_pipes/lsaparse.c :

	Logon Ctrl and Query Trust Domain parsing.

rpc_pipes/ntclientlsa.c rpc_pipes/ntclientnet.c :

	use get_nt_error_msg() to report 32 bit status errors back

rpc_pipes/ntclientpipe.c rpc_pipes/pipe_util.c :

	rpc_pipe_bind() - doing the right thing on the abstract syntax etc
	i _think_.  the ground-work is here: there is more to be done, in
	supporting different _versions_ of the various RPC pipes, and such.

rpc_pipes/pipenetlog.c :

	server-implementation of Logon Ctrl and Query Trust Domain lists.
	not very good ones: it was a bit late.  the info came from NLTEST.EXE
	so its usefulness is questionable.  for a purely diagnostic point of
	view, it's useful.

rpc_pipes/smbparse.c :

	smb_io_unistr2() - experimenting here, to get query trust domain
	lists working (this is the one that's unsupported in NetMonitor,
	but is generated by NLTEST.EXE and NT server _does_ respond).

	net_info 1 to 3 - these are part of the Logon Control2 query stuff.

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