CVS update: samba/source

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Fri Nov 7 10:03:59 EST 1997

Date:	Friday November 7, 1997 @ 10:03
Author:	lkcl

Update of /data/cvs/samba/source
In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv14764

Modified Files:
	Makefile ipc.c loadparm.c namedbwork.c nameelect.c namelogon.c 
	password.c pipes.c proto.h reply.c server.c smb.h smbpass.c 
Log Message:

following a cvs error, i am rewriting this monster-commit.  with bad grace.

Modified Files:


	adding extra files

ipc.c :

	send_trans_reply() - alignment issue.  this makes the alignment
	the same as that in NT.  this should be looked at by people who
	understand the SMB stuff better than i.

	api_fd_commands[] - added samr and wkssvc pipes.

loadparm.c :

	lp_domain_controller() changed to mean "samba is a domain controller".
	it's a "yes/no" parameter, now.  no, it isn't used _anywhere_.

namedbwork.c nameelect.c :

	if "domain controller = yes" then add SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_CTRL to the
	host _and_ workgroup announcements.  yes, you must do both: nt does.

namelogon.c :

	important NETLOGON bug in SAMLOGON request parsing, which may be
	the source of some people's problems with logging on to the Samba PDC.

password.c :

	get_smbpwnam() renamed to get_smbpwd_entry().

pipes.c :

	added samr and wkssvc pipes.

proto.h :

	usual.  can we actually _remove_ proto.h from the cvs tree, and
	have it as one of the Makefile dependencies, or something?

reply.c :

	get_smbpwnam() renamed to get_smbpwd_entry() - also changed response
	error code when logging in from a WORKSTATION$ account.  yes, paul
	is right: we need to know when to return the right error code, and why.

server.c :

	added call to reset_chain_pnum().

	#ifdef NTDOMAIN added call to init_lsa_policy_hnd() #endif.  jeremy,
	you'd be proud: i did a compile without NTDOMAIN, and caught a link
	error for this function.

smb.h :

	defines and structures for samr and wkssvc pipes.

smbpass.c :

	modified get_smbpwnam() to get_smbpwd_entry() and it now takes
	two arguments.  one for the name; if this is null, it looks up
	by smb_userid instead.

	oh, by the way, smb_userids are actually domain relative ids
	(RIDs).  concatenate a RID with the domain SID, and you have
	an internet globally unique way of identifying a user.

	we're using RIDs in the wrong way....

	added mod_smbpwnam() function.  this was based on code in smbpasswd.c

rpc_pipes/lsaparse.c :

	added enum trusted domain parsing.  this is incomplete: i need
	a packet trace to write it properly.

rpc_pipes/pipe_hnd.c :
	added reset_chain_pnum() function.

rpc_pipes/pipenetlog.c :

	get_smbpwnam() function renamed to get_smbpwd_entry().

	arcfour() issues.

	removed capability of get_md4pw() function to automatically add
	workstation accounts.  this should either be done using
	smbpasswd -add MACHINE$, or by using \PIPE\samr.

rpc_pipes/pipe_util.c :

	create_pol_hnd() - creates a unique LSA Policy Handle.  overkill
	function: uses a 64 bit sequence number; current unix time and
	the smbd pid.

rpc_pipes/smbparse.c :

	arcfour() issues.

	smb_io_unistr2() should advance by uni_str_len not uni_max_len.

	smb_io_smb_hdr_rb() - request bind uses uint16 for the context
	id, and uint8 for the num_syntaxes.  oops, i put these both as

Added Files:

rpc_pipes/lsa_hnd.c :

	on the samr pipe, allocate and associate an LSA Policy Handle
	with a SID.  you receive queries with the LSA Policy Handle,
	and have to turn this back into a SID in order to answer the

rpc_pipes/pipesamr.c rpc_pipes/samrparse.c 

	\PIPE\samr processing.  samr i presume is the SAM Replication pipe.

rpc_pipes/pipewkssvc.c rpc_pipes/wksparse.c 

	\PIPE\wkssvc processing.  the Workstation Service pipe?

holy cow.

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