[Announce] Samba 4.1.10 Available for Download

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Mon Jul 28 03:04:46 MDT 2014

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Release Announcements

This is the latest stable release of Samba 4.1.

Changes since 4.1.9:

o   Michael Adam <obnox at samba.org>
    * BUG 10693: Backport ldb-1.1.17 + changes from master.

o   Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org>
    * BUG 10587: s3: libsmbclient: Work around bugs in SLES cifsd and Apple smbx
      SMB1 servers.
    * BUG 10653: Samba won't start on a machine configured with only IPv4.
    * BUG 10671: s3: smbd: Prevent file truncation on an open that fails with
      share mode violation.
    * BUG 10673: s3: SMB2: Fix leak of blocking lock records in the database.
    * BUG 10684: SMB1 blocking locks can fail notification on unlock, causing
      client timeout.
    * BUG 10685: s3: smbd: Locking, fix off-by one calculation in
    * BUG 10692: wbcCredentialCache fails if challenge_blob is not first.

o   Christian Ambach <ambi at samba.org>
    * BUG 10693: lib/ldb: Fix compiler warnings.

o   Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
    * BUG 8077: dbcheck: Add check and test for various invalid userParameters
    * BUG 8449: Simple use case results in "no talloc stackframe around, leaking
      memory" error.)
    * BUG 10130: dsdb: Always store and return the userParameters as a array of
      LE 16-bit values.
    * BUG 10582: dsdb: Rename private_data to rootdse_private_data in rootdse.
    * BUG 10627: rid_array used before status checked - segmentation fault due
      to null pointer dereference.
    * BUG 10693: ldb: make the successful ldb_transaction_start() message
    * BUG 10694: dsdb: Return NO_SUCH_OBJECT if a basedn is a deleted object.
    * BUG 10700: Backport access check related fixes from master.

o   Björn Baumbach <bb at sernet.de>
    * BUG 10674: samba-tool: Add --site parameter to provision command.

o   Howard Chu <hyc at symas.com>
    * BUG 10693: Fix SEGV from improperly formed SUBSTRING/PRESENCE filter.

o   Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen at dekkers.ch>
    * BUG 10693: ldb: Do not build libldb-cmdline when using system ldb.

o   Nadezhda Ivanova <nivanova at symas.com>
    * BUG 10693: s4-openldap: Remove use of talloc_reference in

o   Björn Jacke <bj at sernet.de>
    * BUG 3263: net/doc: Make clear that net vampire is for NT4 domains only.

o   Abhidnya Joshi <achirmul at in.ibm.com>
    * BUG s3: Fix missing braces in nfs4_acls.c.

o   Volker Lendecke <vl at samba.org>
    * BUG 10593: Fix "PANIC: assert failed at ../source3/smbd/open.c(1582): ret".
    * BUG 10663: msg_channel: Fix a 100% CPU loop.
    * BUG 10671: s3: smbd: Prevent file truncation on an open that fails with
      share mode violation.
    * BUG 10680: smbstatus: Fix an uninitialized variable.
    * BUG 10687: 'RW2' smbtorture test fails when -N <numprocs> is set to 2 due
      to the invalid status check in the second client.
    * BUG 10693: ldb: Fix 1138330 Dereference null return value, fix CIDs
      241329, 240798, 1034791, 1034792 1034910, 1034910).
    * BUG 10699: smbd: Avoid double-free in get_print_db_byname.

o   Stefan Metzmacher <metze at samba.org>
    * BUG 8077: s4:dsdb/samldb: Don't allow 'userParameters' to be modified over
      LDAP for now.
    * BUG 9763: s4:dsdb/repl_meta_data: Make sure objectGUID can't be deleted.
    * BUG 10469: ldb-samba: fix a memory leak in
    * BUG 10294: s4:repl_meta_data: fix array assignment in
    * BUG 10536: dbchecker: Verify and fix broken dn values.
    * BUG 10692: wbcCredentialCache fails if challenge_blob is not first.
    * BUG 10693: ldb:pyldb: Add some more helper functions for LdbDn.
    * BUG 10694: s4:dsdb/extended_dn_in: Don't force DSDB_SEARCH_SHOW_RECYCLED.
    * BUG 10696: Backport autobuild/selftest fixes from master.
    * BUG 10706: s3:smb2_read: let smb2_sendfile_send_data() behave like

o   Matthieu Patou <mat at matws.net>
    * BUG 10693: pyldb: Decrement ref counters on py_results and quiet warnings.
    * BUG 10698: Backport drs-crackname fixes from master.

o   Pavel Reichl <pavel.reichl at redhat.com>
    * BUG 10693: ldb: Use of NULL pointer bugfix.

o   Garming Sam <garming at catalyst.net.nz>
    * BUG 10703: Backport provision fixes from master.

o   Andreas Schneider <asn at samba.org>
    * BUG 10693: ldb: Add a env variable to disable RTLD_DEEPBIND.

Reporting bugs & Development Discussion

Please discuss this release on the samba-technical mailing list or by
joining the #samba-technical IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.

If you do report problems then please try to send high quality
feedback. If you don't provide vital information to help us track down
the problem then you will probably be ignored.  All bug reports should
be filed under the Samba 4.1 product in the project's Bugzilla
database (https://bugzilla.samba.org/).

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The uncompressed tarballs and patch files have been signed
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