SambaXP conference in Göttingen, Germany (May 3rd - 7th, 2010)

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Feb 25 16:05:05 MST 2010

Hi all,

SambaXP is coming up in Göttingen, Germany (May 3rd - 7th, 2010).

I know the economy sucks, and travel budgets are really hard to
find, but if you're a Samba OEM, vendor or serious user you really
should be there :-).

Hack with the developers ! The SambaXP hack room is full of people
solving problems with the same code you ship to customers. Benefit from
intense debugging cycles with the people who put the bugs there in the
first place.

Meet Microsoft ! Microsoft will be attending with some of the people
who created and wrote the new SMB2 protocol we're currently implementing
in Samba.

Most of the Samba developers will be present, and it's a great place
to meet them and get specific answers to that one bug that's
been annoying your customers (and you can't find an answer
to online :-). When you're standing in front of the person
who's responsible for that area of code it's much harder
for them to ignore your problem (and I'm as guilty as everyone
on this :-). Plus it's a great way to request new features
and functionality, or get the changes *you need* made in the
main Samba code you depend on everyday.

This isn't an advert, just an appeal for all Samba OEMs
vendors, and interested users to come to SambaXP and let
us know how Samba is working for you (or not) in your products.
We're very flexible and willing to make changes to help make your
life easier (see this blog post:

for details).

Hope to see you there !

Jeremy Allison
Samba Team.

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