SNIA 2008 Storage Developer Conference CIFS/SMB/SMB2 Plugfest

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Reminder of the pug fest coming up next week:

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SNIA 2008 Storage Developer Conference CIFS/SMB/SMB2 Plugfest

The Storage Networking Industry Associate is hosting a CIFS/SMB/SMB2
plugfest event hosted in conjunction with the SNIA 2008 Storage
Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA on September 22nd - 28th,

This event is intended for engineers working on any CIFS products
and services, not just products based on the Samba codebase. We
welcome engineers from any implementors of the CIFS and SMB2
protocols, or from people shipping products based on these
protocols, or people with a deep interest in advancing the
standardization of these protocols.

This is not a marketing or customer focused event, the intent
is that engineers will get together and discuss protocol details
and implementation choices in an open and free environment, helped
along with free food and a gigabit network for testing. There will
be some impromptu talks, but mostly this will be an interoperability
event. FYI - Microsoft developers, testers, and operating systems
will also be present as we duke it out together in the trenches,
getting interoperability to the next level.

There will be some restrictions on using information gathered at
the event for marketing purposes in the same way as the Connectathon
event restricts using any performance or defect data learned at the
event. The goal is for engineers from competing companies to feel
free to work together without fear of revealing information they
wish to keep secret.

There is no charge for attending the plugfest. See this page :

for details and the forms to fill in to attend the plugfest.

Note that there *is* a charge for attending the Storage
Developer Conference and attending the plugfest does not give
you access to the main conference, so make sure you register for the
correct event. Note that if you are not attending the Storage
Developer Conference, you are still welcome to attend the
engineering plugfest.

This event is being sponsored directly by Microsoft, and
the format of it was determined in conjunction with the
Samba Team to be friendly to Free Software and proprietary
software developers alike.

Jeremy Allison, Samba Team.
Jim Pinkerton, Microsoft Corporation.
(... and yes, pigs can fly!...  :-)

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