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** [SMR] Samba Mashup Report (#2) for Wednesday, May 14, 2008 **

Table of Contents:

  1. Samba 3.2.0 Moves closer to Release
  2. Bug fix release for Samba 3.0 in the works
  3. Developer Interests - Volker Lendecke
  4. Samba at Connectathon
  5. Samba4 - Fact or Fantasy?
  6. Call for submissions and summaries

1. Samba 3.2.0 Moves closer to Release

Samba 3.2.0 moves close to a final release as the first release
candidate snapshot is scheduled for May 23rd.  Karolin Seeger
lists a few critical bugs yet to be fixed in her recent mail to
samba-technical. [1]


2. Bug fix release for Samba 3.0 in the works

A bug fix release for the Samba 3.0 series has been scheduled for
release on Monday, May 19.  This will be a culmination of fixes
in the v3-0-test branch.  The original announcement to the
samba-technical mailing list can be found in the list archives. [1]


3. Developer Interests - Volker Lendecke

SMR: Tell us about one of you pet side projects at the moment.

VL: One particularly confusing part of Samba 3.x is the way we
    represent the "current user" information. We have multiple
    places where we represent the current credentials.  For
    example there is the "current_user" global variable. In
    "connection_struct" we have sets of user-ids, there is
    the "struct user_struct" and so on.  I want to replace all
    those places where we store and use the current user
    information by passing around the central structure that
    falls out of authentication: The "auth_serversupplied_info".

SMR: Is there some reason you are focusing on this cleanup?

VL: While trying to implement an ncacn_ip_tcp listener on port 135
    I realized that this needs to be consolidated.  In an end-point
    mapper, there is no such thing as a connection_struct or a vuid
    which are very SMB/CIFS specific things.  These things are
    normally what smbd needs to tie back into the user tokens.  It
    seems to be a necessary refactoring to avoid the extra lookup
    to find the current_user information, especially since the
    traditionally used lookup key is not available in all

4. Samba at Connectathon

It's that time of year when storage developers huddle together in
the many interop labs at Connectathon located in San Jose, CA. [1]

Several Samba team members relocated to the labs this week in order
weed out defects in Samba and the Linux CIFS client.  On hand for
testing are many flavors of SMB/CIFS clients and servers from various
companies.  Already the first few days of testing have proven fruitful
with multiple issues tracked down and fixed for both the upcoming
Samba and Linux kernel releases.

As part of the effort to broaden the use of the newer Unix Extensions
to the CIFS protocol, work has begun in the Linux CIFS client to take
advantage of the encrypted share support which Samba server now
provides.   The Linux kernel version 2.6.26 cifs client will include
support for Microsoft's Distributed File System (MS-DFS) which is
also being tested this week.


5. Samba4 - Fact or Fantasy?

In case you are wondering, the Samba v4-0-test branch is a combination
of fact and fantasy.   Currently the code base is undergoing alpha
releases (i.e. development preview snapshots) and stands at
v4.0.0alpha3.  Developers Andrew Bartlett and Jelmer Vernooij are
maintain their "Fantasy Page" which outlines their current weekly
work plans and activities surrounding the Samba v4 code base. [1]


6. Call for submissions and summaries

The SMR editors are accepting submissions for stories and/or
summaries of current Samba related events and discussions.
Please email you submissions or requests to web-editor at

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