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                    I feel like an Appalachian miner that just
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                     -- Jeremy Allison after finding a new set
                     of NTSTATUS codes returned by NTcreate&X.
Release Announcements

This is the third production release of the Samba 3.0.25 code
base and is the version that servers should be run for for all
current bug fixes.

Major bug fixes included in Samba 3.0.25b are:

  o Offline caching of files with Windows XP/Vista clients.
  o Improper cleanup of expired or invalid byte range locks
    on files.
  o Crashes is idmap_ldap and idmap_rid.

Changes to 'net idmap dump'

A change in command line syntax and behavior was introduced in the
3.0.25 release series where the command

  $ net idmap dump /.../path/to/idmap.tdb

would overwrite the tdb instead of dumping its contents to standard
output as was the case in releases prior to Samba 3.0.25.  The
changed has been reverted in 3.0.25b and the semantics from 3.0.24
and earlier releases have been restored.

Download Details

The uncompressed tarballs and patch files have been signed
using GnuPG (ID 6568B7EA).  The source code can be downloaded

The release notes are available online at:

Binary packages are available at

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			The Samba Team

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