Announcing Samba 4.0.0TP2

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Wed Mar 22 19:33:24 GMT 2006

We have just uploaded the second technology preview of Samba 4.

Samba 4 is the ambitious next version of the Samba suite that is being
developed in parallel to the stable 3.0 series. The main emphasis in
this branch is support for the Active Directory logon protocols used
by Windows 2000 and above.

Samba 4 is currently not yet in a state where it is usable in
production environments. Note the STATUS file,
which aims to document what should and should not work.

With 3 years of development under our belt since Tridge first proposed
a new Virtual File System (VFS) layer for Samba3 (a project which
eventually lead to our Active Directory efforts), it was felt that we
should create something we could 'show off' to our users.  This is 
the second Technology Preview (TP), aimed at allowing users, managers and
developers to see how we have progressed, and to invite feedback and

Please read the file NEWS for a list of differences with the Samba 3.0.0 
release series and the file WHATSNEW.txt for a list of changes since the 
last technology preview.

Download Details

The uncompressed tarball and patch files have been signed
with the Samba Release Key (ID 157BC95E).  The source code can be
downloaded from:

The release notes are available online at:

There are currently no binary packages available. Debian packages will 
be uploaded to the experimental distribution later this week. No packages 
for other distributions have been planned yet.

Users are encouraged to report the issues they encounter. See the 
README file for details.

	The Samba 4 developers.
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