Samba 3.0.5pre1 Available for Download

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Tue May 25 22:12:06 GMT 2004

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This is the first preview release of the Samba 3.0.5 code base
and is provided for testing only.  This release is *not* intended
for production servers.  Use at your own risk.

There have been several bug fixes since the 3.0.4 release that
we feel are important to make available to the Samba community
for wider testings.  See the "Changes" section for details on
exact updates.

Common bugs fixed in this previwe release include:

~  o Schannel failure in winbindd.
~  o Numerous memory leaks.
~  o Incompatibilities between the 'write list' and 'force user'
~    smb.conf options.
~  o Premature optimization of the open_directory() internal
~    function that broke tools such as the ArcServe backup
~    agent, Macromedia HomeSite, and Robocopy.

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Beginning with Samba 3.0.5pre1, clients supporting the UNIX
extensions to the CIFS protocol can create symlinks to
absolute paths which will be **followed** by the server.  This
functionality has been requested in order to correctly support
certain applications when the user's home directory is mounted
using some type of CIFS client (e.g. the cifsvfs in the Linux
2.6 kernel).

If this behavior is not acceptable for your production environment
you can set 'wide links = no' in the specific share declaration in
the server's smb.conf.  Be aware that disabling wide link support
out of a share in Samba may impact the server's performance due
to the fact that smbd will now have to check each path additional
times before traversing it.

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The source code can be downloaded from :


The release notes are also available in the same directory.

The uncompressed tarball and patch file have been signed
using GnuPG.  The Samba public key is available at


Links to binary packages can be found on the


As always, all bugs ( are our

~                                  --Enjoy
~                                  The Samba Team

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