Samba 3.0.2rc1 Available for Download

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sat Jan 17 02:12:38 GMT 2004

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This is a release candidate snapshot of the Samba 3.0.2 code
base and should be considered for testing only.  A release
candidate (RC) means that we are close to the final, stable
release and is provided for Quality Assurance (QA) purposes.
This release is *not* intended for production servers.  Use
at your own risk.

Common bugs fixed in this preview release include:

  o Better separation of WINS and DNS queries for domain
  o Issues with nss_winbind FreeBSD and Solaris.
  o Several crash bugs in smbd and winbindd.
  o Output formatting fixes for smbclient for better 
    compatibility with scripts based on the 2.2 version.

We'll follow the same plan as in previous release candidates.
Please report problems to <samba at>.  Any confirmed 
bugs should be recorded at

The source code can be downloaded from:

The uncompressed tarball and patch file have been signed
using GnuPG.  The Samba public key is available at

Binary packages are available at

A simplified version of the CVS log of updates since 3.0.2pre1
can be found in the the download directory under the name
ChangeLog-3.0.2pre1-3.0.2rc1.  The release notes are also
available in the same directory.

As always, all bugs are our responsibility.

                                  The Samba Team

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