rsyncd.conf "hosts allow" and ipv6 address matching - possible bug

Brian C. Hill bchill at
Thu Oct 12 21:06:04 UTC 2023


If I disable reverse lookups and keep forward lookups enabled, access 
works as expected for fqdn entries in "hosts allow" that have only A 
records (ipv4) records but not for AAAA records (ipv6) when those hosts 
connect via ipv6. I get this error:

    @ERROR: access denied to opt from UNDETERMINED

    # *cat /etc/rsyncd.conf*
    reverse lookup = false
    forward lookup = true
    read only = true
    list = false
    hosts allow =,

             path = /opt
             comment = whole opt tree

    # *host* has address

    # *host* has IPv6 address 2606:2800:220:1:248:1893:25c8:1946

    (note that the above hosts/IPs are fictitious and/or loosely used)

rsync from succeeds; rsync from does not.

PTR records that are unset, set or don't match don't seem to have any 
effect (and they shouldn't).

This is for rsync 3.1.3 on Rocky 8 (rsync-3.1.3-19.el8_7.1.x86_64). This 
seems like either a bug or incomplete implementation of ipv6, I searched 
but could not find any reports of this issue; that leads me to believe 
that this isn't something that is working in the current version, either.

Am I missing something?

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