Trying to diagnose incomplete file transfer

Perry Hutchison pluto at
Sat Mar 4 07:55:50 UTC 2023

Albert Croft via rsync <acroft at> wrote:

> ... I am currently using the 'split' command to break the files
> into 1-GB "chunks" (ex.: foo.tgz.aa, foo.tgz.ab, ...).
> ...
> I am frequently encountering times where the file appears to
> have been transferred but is incomplete. (Example: foo.tgz.ab
> now exists on the local system, has been removed from the remote,
> but is incomplete.)

One thing to check, not in rsync itself but in the preparation of
the data:  not all versions of "split" support files that aren't
text.  In particular, some will silently drop null bytes.

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