Trying to diagnose incomplete file transfer

Albert Croft acroft at
Sat Mar 4 06:39:52 UTC 2023

At $work I have an odd situation involving incomplete file transfers, 
but I am unsure where the issue may be occurring. Here is the scenario.

Sometimes the file transfer seems to have completed, but the file size 
does not match that on the remote system.

I transfer a number of large (>1GB) Tar-Gzipped (.tgz) files via SSH 
tunnels from $customer. Because of some previous issues, sometimes the 
SSH tunnels may be terminated externally. As a result, I am currently 
using the 'split' command to break the files into 1-GB "chunks" (ex.: 
foo.tgz.aa, foo.tgz.ab, ...).

For the rsync transfer, I am using the following options:
     rsync -az \
         -e "ssh ..." \
         --link-dest=/local/path1 \
         --link-dest=/local/path2 \
         --remove-source-files \
         user at remote:/path/to/files \

	'-e "ssh ..."' is the set of SSH options (for tunneling, etc.).
	'--link-dest=/local/path1' refers to a local directory that might 
contain a copy of the file.
	'--link-dest=/local/path2' refers to a local directory that might 
contain a copy of the file.

I am frequently encountering times where the file appears to have been 
transferred but is incomplete. (Example: foo.tgz.ab now exists on the 
local system, has been removed from the remote, but is incomplete.)

Additional notes:
To my knowledge I do not know if the 'gzip' '--rsyncable' option is 
being used (but I do not think so--I suspect the file is created using a 
command similar to 'tar czf foo.tgz ...').

The rsync commands may be launched from command-line or cron, but use 
the same format and options in either case. As a result, there may be 
multiple rsync processes pulling files from the same remote path to the 
same local path.

I know that when rsync transfers a file (ex.: foo.tgz.ab) that during 
the transfer process it is named '.foo.tgz.ab.??????' (where '.??????' 
is a 6-character unique extension), and that upon completion the file is 
renamed to 'foo.tgz.ab'. (So I may see .foo.tgz.ab.4e67d0 and 
.foo.tgz.ab.fa7325 in the directory while the transfers are going.)

I am unsure if this is a result of the combination of options I am 
using, or where to begin troubleshooting. Any guidance or direction 
would be appreciated.

-Albert C.

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