Local --fake-super restore failing(?) and creating local directories instead

za3k at za3k.com za3k at za3k.com
Sat Jul 15 06:50:51 UTC 2023

On 2023-07-15 6:15 am, Zachary Vance via rsync wrote:
> I am on rsync  version 3.2.7  protocol version 31, currently on an Arch 
> Linux.
> The following seems I would expect to copy the contents of 'a' to 'c', based 
> on my understanding of the the advice of `man rsync`:
> -----
> mkdir a b c
> touch a/hello
> rsync -M--fake-super -a a/ b/
> rsync --super -M--fake-super -a b/ c/
> -----
> I'm on a live USB trying to restore my root disk. Please advise, thanks!

As a workaround, I instead ran

rsync -M--fake-super -a localhost:b/ c/

which does not have the same issues.

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