How to backup/restore NFS data and preserve ACL's on Linux?

Chandler admin at
Thu Feb 2 22:23:06 UTC 2023

On the backup system, I have mounted the directories to backup over NFS (v4.2), then rsync is run on the backup system (by root) to copy the data from NFS to its local filesystem (ZFS with xattr and posixacl properties).

I can verify the backup system can see the source ACL's with nfs4_getfacl.  I can also create and verify ACL's on the backup file system with set/getfacl.  I guess the problem arises due to differences in NFS and posix ACL formats and mapping between them?  I read a bunch this morning and tried various commands.  The best I could come up with was something like this:

rsync -aAX --filter='-x system.posix_acl' --fake-super

I guess I literally have to remove/filter out the original ACL metadata, because without the filter, rsync saves `user.rsync.%stat` in the xattrs but when I checked the data with `getfattr -d`, it doesn't have any of the ACL data.

and `--fake-super` appears to be needed, otherwise rsync tries to write nfs4 ACL's, which aren't compatible with linux:

rsync: [receiver] rsync_xal_set: lsetxattr("testacldata","system.nfs4_acl") failed: Operation not supported (95)

With both flags, I am getting an additional `user.rsync.system.nfs4_acl` saved in the xattrs as a base64 encoded string I guess (begins with 0s).  I tried giving the data after "0s" to `base64 -d` and it spits out somewhat readable data and I can at least see the second gid in there, from the original ACL.

So is this the best I can do?

Then if I ever need to restore this data:

Mount the backup data over NFS on the restore system.  I can see the `user.rsync.%stat` and `user.rsync.system.nfs4_acl` in the backup data.  All the backup data is now saved with root.root as the so it's essential to somehow map the rsync xattrs back to the restored data... how to do that?  or any other ideas to do this right?


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