How to tune rsync to speed up?

Kevin Korb kmk at
Wed Aug 2 10:39:09 UTC 2023

NFS is slowing things down even more than your bandwidth measurements as 
it is also forcing --whole-file.

On 8/2/23 05:03, Perry Hutchison via rsync wrote:
> Sebastian G??decke via rsync <rsync at> wrote:
>> We're facing some flapping traffic when rsyncing atm 70T from
>> one server to an DELL Isilon.
>> Both systems are connected with 10G Fiber (not Channel).
>> So we started with one simple "rsync -a /src /dest" to the DELL
>> by using NFS3.
>> ...
>> I always thought (and had observed it so far with rsync) that it
>> makes full use of the network card ...
> If you are using NFS, it is NFS -- not rsync -- which is managing the
> network traffic.  In such a setup rsync will perform about as well as
> cp(1).

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