rsync timeout non-effective

Roland devzero at
Thu Sep 1 15:45:39 UTC 2022

there is connection timeout and I/O timeout

i'm using the I/O timeout.

for "--timeout" manpage is "if no data is transferred....then rsync will

no data is being transferred for hours, but it doesn't exit.

so, what's the problem here ?

               This option allows you to set a maximum I/O timeout in
seconds.  If no data is transferred for the specified time then rsync
will exit.  The default is 0, which means no timeout.

               This option allows you to set the amount of time that
rsync will wait for its connection to an rsync daemon to succeed.  If
the timeout is reached, rsync exits with an error.

Am 01.09.22 um 17:32 schrieb Kevin Korb via rsync:
> You are using rsync over ssh.  The connection timeout (and port)
> options don't matter if rsync isn't doing the networking.
> On 9/1/22 08:49, Roland via rsync wrote:
>> hello,
>> i do some backup via rsync/ssh and pull data from remote machine to
>> local machine.
>> whenever on remote machine there is some network attached subdir getting
>> "stuck" (i.e. read/write is blocking, eg. by suspended zfs pool because
>> of error), rsync backup also hangs forever.
>> i wonder what's the purpose of "--timeout" then.
>> local machine:  3.1.2
>> remote machine: 3.2.3
>> command
>> rsync -avi --stats --delete --delete-excluded --inplace --numeric-ids
>> --out-format=%-15i %-15b %-15l %-20M %n%L --timeout=900
>> --rsync-path=export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH;rsync
>> --exclude-from=/backup/rsync.exclude.all
>> --exclude-from=/zfspool/backup/myhost/rsync.exclude root at myhost:/
>> /zfspool/backup/myhost/backup
>> what can i do to make this more robust ?
>> rsync should not hang, as it's getting started via script and the hang
>> blocks backup of other hosts.
>> roland

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