rsync timeout non-effective

Roland devzero at
Thu Sep 1 12:49:11 UTC 2022


i do some backup via rsync/ssh and pull data from remote machine to
local machine.

whenever on remote machine there is some network attached subdir getting
"stuck" (i.e. read/write is blocking, eg. by suspended zfs pool because
of error), rsync backup also hangs forever.

i wonder what's the purpose of "--timeout" then.

local machine:  3.1.2
remote machine: 3.2.3

rsync -avi --stats --delete --delete-excluded --inplace --numeric-ids
--out-format=%-15i %-15b %-15l %-20M %n%L --timeout=900
--rsync-path=export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH;rsync
--exclude-from=/zfspool/backup/myhost/rsync.exclude root at myhost:/

what can i do to make this more robust ?

rsync should not hang, as it's getting started via script and the hang
blocks backup of other hosts.


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