Fwd: [3.1.3] --remove-source-files $SRC/ $SRC/ - erases all files

Sridhar Sarnobat ss401533 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 03:51:57 UTC 2022

> I think I must be missing something.  If source and dest are the same
> place rsync shouldn't do anything unless it it responding to changes
> happening at the same time.  For example, when I do 'rsync -vain
> --remove-source-files /tmp/ /tmp/' rsync does nothing.

Thanks for the response. You are using "-n" / "--no-clobber".

In my case I'm using "-b" / "--backup" (or overwrite). My use case is to
get everything out of the source location, and "--no-clobber" will leave
things behind. So I guess I should refine my issue to "when you're not
using --no-clobber."

Do I have a case here? Or is this erasing both the source and destination a
valid behaviour in my case?
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