Fwd: [3.1.3] --remove-source-files $SRC/ $SRC/ - erases all files

Sridhar Sarnobat ss401533 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 03:12:27 UTC 2022

>> why not avoid using "--remove-source-files" and delete files
manually/via extra step afterwards

Multiple reasons. Among them:
1) my jobs run a long time and there are a lot of them. Trying to remember
what I did over ssh (where history doesn't get saved) is an extra cognitive
load and the system is in a transient state (I've ended up with duplicate
files unless I do the extra work later - potentially much later depending
on the size of the job). I may also have multiple rsync commands running in
separate terminals.
2) I am managing a lot of large files, and my collection of disks doesn't
have 2x free space.
3) 2 operations instead of 1 gives more room to make a mistake.

This is a workaround that I can occasionally use, and you could even say
"why not just use ext4magic?" to recover accidentally deleted files etc.

Regardless, the semantics of deleting source files without leaving one copy
of your files intact should never happen right?
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