Problem with file exclusion pattern

Wayne Davison wayne at
Tue May 3 06:16:58 UTC 2022

On Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 3:33 PM H wrote:

> rsync -vHrltDium -c --chmod=Du+rwx,go-rwx,Fu+rw,go-rw --no-perms --stats
> --include='*' --include='*/' --exclude='*.~lock*' --exclude='*' -e "ssh -y
> -p 22" ~/test/ someone at

See the latest manpage's filter-rules section
<> an easy way to
debug where filtering is going wrong. Doing that would show you that
everything in your transfer is being matched by the first include option
you used.  This is because (as the 2nd paragraph in the filter section
explains) the first matching pattern is acted upon. A good general rule of
thumb is to move more specific rules prior to more general rules.  However,
in your command above, you only need the one lock-excluding option (since
the default is to include anything that doesn't match any of your rules)
and not any of the other include/exclude options.

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